Are fire response times getting worse?

We would all like to believe that fire response times are one of the top priorities of local fire brigades across the country. After all, with all of the recent interest in fire safety and the rise in fire risk assessments, it would initially seem as if fire preparedness levels were increasing in the […]

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Frequent Fire Risk Assessments Are Important!

Although it’s extremely easy to get caught up in the daily logistics of running a business, particularly in today’s competitive economy, the vast majority of business owners fail to remember that fire risk assessments are a crucial and essential element of safe business practices.

For many business owners, taking the time to properly assess fire […]

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Risk Assessment in Event Management

Although we often associate the summer months and the winter holiday seasons with festive social gatherings and joyful reunions with friends and family, it’s important to remember that any large events, regardless of when they occur, carry the potential of personal injury due to poor planning or inadequate logistical support. As a general rule […]

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Why Risk Assessments are so important to Health and Safety

When it comes to the important issue of health and safety within the Hospitality Industry, it’s crucial that the correct preventative measures, including the proper installation of fire alarms and sprinkler systems are securely in place should a fire occur.

Looking more closely into the Industry, it’s easy to understand why a thorough Risk Assessment […]

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Fire Risk Assessments: A Complete Waste of Time or Essential Life Savers?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect in England, Scotland and Wales in 2006. It states that every business is bound by a legal duty to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

The assessment covers all areas of the workplace. Although many businesses still do not see the point in carrying this […]

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