The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 places the responsibility of fire safety firmly onto the shoulders of the business owner. Priority for most UK businesses is the completion of a fire risk assessment, which will identify any fire hazards, people at risk and actions to be taken.

The first step to fire legislation is for the “responsible” person to arrange for a fire risk assessment to be carried out by a “competent” person. It is then up to the “responsible” person to take action, as necessary, based on the information and recommendations given in the report. This is where FIRE AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT UK Ltd come in. We have the expertise to ensure that the FRA we would provide to your company has all the information needed for the “responsible” person to be able to make an accurate management decision on the appropriate course of action.

Areas which need addressing during a risk assessment are:

* Identify the people at risk

* Identify the hazards

* Evaluate, remove or reduce the risk

Complex fire regulations can be difficult to understand, and you don’t want to be misguided when personnel, building safety and your livelihood are at stake. Many businesses approach us, as they simply don’t have the necessary experience or knowledge to complete a risk assessment.  Fire Authorities are carrying out random audits, and they will check the quality of the fire risk assessment and the actions taken.

Our fire risk assessment will set you and your business on the right path to safety. We cover a myriad of issues to ensure fire safety such as: means of escape from the premises; construction and use of the premises; means of detection and giving warning in case of fire; means of fighting fire; Planning for an emergency Training; information and instruction to staff about fire precautions in the workplace; maintenance of fire safety equipment and systems and liaison with the fire brigade.

All issues will be highlighted and prioritised, so that further action can be taken by the desired timescale. Your report will contain everything you need to know about your responsibilities. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.