European Safety Signs Directive (92/58/EEC)

It is an offence not to have the correct signs in the correct place – are you breaking the law? Directive 92/58/EEC has been designed to standardise safety signs across Europe. Permanent signboards must be used for signs relating to prohibitions, warnings and mandatory requirements.
The location and identification of emergency escape routes and first aid facilities. This directive is implemented in the UK by the Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996. The Legislation requires: employers to use Safety Signs wherever there is a risk that cannot be controlled by other means.

All Safety Signs are to contain a pictogram as part of their design!

signs without a pictogram should only be used to supplement a sign containing a pictogram. Click on the Jailite logo to the left to view our online e-catalogue. If you would like a free site survey please contact us on 01273 507090 or
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Prohibition, mandatory, warning, fire exit and fire extinguisher identification safety signs.