Fire Training

If you are a small business owner, educating your employees in fire safety techniques can be a potentially life-saving initiative. Fire training has helped countless workers across the UK avoid potentially dangerous activities that could lead to a fire outbreak, as well as learn the appropriate steps to take if a fire has broken out. Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd. prides itself on its effective, comprehensive fire protection training designed to educate and inform working professionals and individuals living within Brighton and surrounding areas on responsible behaviours and effective fire counter measurements (Weather permitted we offer a full live fire demonstration as seen in the video below where your employees will have a chance to use a fire extinguisher, maybe for the first time, to gain experience tackling fires).

Why is this important?

On the most fundamental level, an advanced level of fire protection ensures that businesses pass the stringent requirements outlined in the 2005 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order as well as the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, both of which place the responsibility of protecting working individuals on the business that employs them. Using our advanced fire safety training methods, you can ensure that your employees are prepared for unexpected fire outbreaks.


Our employees’ experiences with fire education began during their years as fire service professionals, in which they distinguished themselves as leaders in the field. Never satisfied with mediocre performance.

The fire professionals at Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd. have consistently striven to offer the best possible results to their customers and individuals in need. With well over 32 years of experience, our employees provide a no-nonsense approach to safety and prevention, ensuring that each of their students leaves class fully prepared to defend against a fire outbreak. Our community is of paramount importance to each of us here, and we won’t rest until we’ve provided the necessary training, tools and supplies to businesses in Brighton and surrounding areas.

In addition to our basic fire awareness training programme, we host fire marshal training as well as fire warden training in Brighton and surrounding areas, designed to provide advanced leadership skills to individuals who would be responsible for leading evacuations and other safety measures in the event of a fire. Our goal forever remains to prevent fires before they start. With that in mind, our education system includes a well-balanced approach to fire safety, introducing our students to potentially dangerous actions and items that could lead to a fire.

As one of Brighton’s most trusted fire equipment and education providers, we take our role within the community very seriously. If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to ask. You can contact us via email or phone and discuss any concerns or ideas you might be interested in. Our fire service professionals will ensure that you are given the information you need to make the best possible decision as to whether our services are right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd Provides Quality Training

Specifically designed to assist both employers and employees meet their obligations within current legislation (and related guidance). The training focuses on those activities identified by employers as being the responsibility of general members of staff, or of those individuals nominated to undertake a more involved fire safety role, for example fire warden/marshal. Fire is a phenomenon that all of us can readily recognise, but the majority of people fail to fully understand. Once started, it can grow at an alarming rate and rapidly threaten both life and property. The potential for a fire to occur exists within every daily activity, not least when people are at work.

The hazards from fire can pose a significant threat to business. Every year people die and many more are injured by fires that occur in the workplace. The financial costs of a fire can be equally devastating. Annually the cost to business through fire runs to many millions of pounds, and companies are all too often unable to recover from its catastrophic effects. Clearly it makes sound business sense to ensure your employees know what to do in the event of fire, but more importantly how to prevent fires occurring in the first place.

Current legislation requires employers to provide adequate training in fire awareness/ safety for all members of their staff. Fire AND safety management uk ltd. is recognised in the field of fire safety. Its strengths are based on many years of experience in this subject, coupled with the combined expertise of a highly trained workforce. we work in close partnership with a variety of organisations to help make the south east safer and our commercial training activities form a vital part of this overall aim.


With over 32 years experience as an operational Fire Officer we are versatile professional and experienced in dealing with your needs. We visit your premises at a convenient date and time to suit your business needs not interrupting the necessary continuity.
Basic Fire Awareness Training Fire Warden Training
The basic training course, of about two hours for up to ten – fifteen persons, is designed for all employees and covers basic fire safety, the chemistry of fire, and both theoretical and practical fire extinguisher training. All students will be given the opportunity to use three different types of extinguishing media in a live controlled fire situation.
This is a half day session course designed for staff or managers that have the responsibility for ensuring safe evacuation or tasks in the event of a fire at their place of work. The course covers the law, basic fire safety, the chemistry of fire, and both theoretical and practical fire extinguisher training. The session is conducted with a power point presentation and video clips to enhance the practical training needs for your business.

Our courses aim to provide a greater awareness of the threat posed by fire to people, property, and business continuity. By combining the recognition of individual responsibilities to promptly report fire related hazards, and how to initiate the appropriate actions should a fire occur, the risks to employees and the workplace will be reduced.

There are many compelling reasons to make sure your employees have the required and updated fire training but just one is enough – since 2006 it has been a legal requirement.

The Health and Safety at Work Act and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places an obligation on employers to provide basic fire training for all employees. Fire & Safety Management UK Ltd provides a training course to satisfy this legal requirement.
The responsible person must ensure that his employees are provided with adequate safety training at the time they are first employed and on being exposed to new or increased risks. The training must be repeated periodically.

Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd is very conscious of environmental issues

Therefore we do not use extinguishers that can have a negative effect on the environment for these training sessions.Upon completion of the course the successful candidates will be issued with a certificate that meets the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order 2005.


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If you have any questions about our services or company, we will ensure that your questions are answered fully before enlisting our help.