The question of how important fire extinguishers are may seem like a silly question but it’s really not.  We don’t give them much thought until we actually need them.  In many cases they are a first line of defence and often contain or extinguish a fire, preventing costly damage. These often-overlooked devices can be a key component towards keeping you safe during a fire emergency situation.  While they might sit on a wall or tucked under the kitchen sink most of the time, if a small fire breaks out, the fire extinguisher will, or should, be the first thing you grab.

I would suggest that they’re not often thought about until they’re needed.  If a small fire breaks out in your flat or home, the fire extinguisher could mean the difference between a small fire, that is easily extinguished, and one that, if left to its own devises, consumes your home at a rapid rate. The Grenfell Tower fire is an extreme example of this.  Had the original fire, that started in a freezer, been put out or contained by a fire extinguisher, the tragedy of that fire would most likely not have happened.

So, how important are fire extinguishers? Extremely important. They are made to be easy to use – pull the pin, point the nozzle and spray. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers depending on the most likely type of fire that could happen. Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd is proud to offer a range of fire extinguishers that can provide powerful protection against the devastating potential of uncontrolled building fires.

Maintaining fire extinguishers and replacing those that are old no longer working to the fullest extent is also part of the importance. Whether you’re a home owner, a landlord or a business owner, maintaining your fire extinguishers is part of your duty towards safety. Fire & Safety Management (UK) Ltd is proud to say that all of their fire extinguishers come with a unique 10 year warranty.

Their fire extinguisher inspections have never failed to ensure professional results for individuals and business owners in Brighton and its surrounding communities. Unlike other fire extinguisher companies, our bottom line isn’t driven by money and profit. Unless each of our clients is fully educated and informed in fire safety methods, we don’t consider the job complete.Thanks to our unique 10-year warranty which meets all European standards and rigorous testing, you can rest assured that the fire extinguisher you purchase will function correctly when the unexpected time comes.